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      1. 11 Oct
        Reasons for Enamel damage

        Enamel reactor equipment is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, pesticide, food and other industries because of its unique corrosion resistance, non viscosity, insulation, isolation, preservation and high cost performance. However, the vulnerability of enamel determines that enamel equipment belongs to vulnerable equipment, which should be paid special attention to in use. Now, the reasons for the explosion of glass lined reactor equipment are summarized as follows:


        1 Glass lining. Equipment production reason of reactor damage reason:


        1. The base material of glass lined reactor equipment is unqualified

        In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use unqualified steel to replace the embryo body, which can not meet the requirements in terms of hardness and thickness, which directly leads to the gasification of carbon and sulfur in the steel during the enameling process, resulting in the formation of a large number of bubbles between the enamel layer of the reactor and the substrate, and the interior of the enamel layer, resulting in the reduction of the enamel bonding strength. Enamel layer changes rapidly in case of cold and hot, extremely explosive porcelain. Therefore, the steel with low carbon and sulfur should be selected to prevent porcelain explosion.


        2. The firing quality of glass lined reactor equipment is poor

        Some enamel reaction kettle manufacturers have poor production environment and can't reach the standard of rust removal and dust prevention, which results in poor bonding between the bottom glaze and the substrate. Some manufacturers reduce the number of enamel firing times, increase the thickness of each layer, so that the internal stress is too large, which seriously affects the service life of the enamel kettle. In the process of use, it is easy to burst the enamel reactor. Therefore, the quality of enamel kettles can only be guaranteed by strictly following the manufacturing procedures, which requires the majority of enamel equipment users to inspect the manufacturer's production qualification, production process and process.


        3. Processing stress damage of glass lined reactor equipment:

        During the processing of glass lined reaction kettle, a lot of internal stresses are produced due to drum, stamping and welding. These stresses should be completely eliminated before enameling. If the elimination is not complete, the enamel will burst after enamel. This damage often occurs in the first three months of service. Therefore, heat treatment or aging treatment of embryo can prevent porcelain from exploding. In the production process of HuaTeng North enamel equipment company, the engineering treatment is very good, which ensures the quality of the equipment.


        2 The reasons for the failure of the enamel reactor are as follows:

        Cause 1, mechanical damage: Enamel impact resistance is very poor, any metal, hard object on its impact will lead to enamel damage. Therefore, any metal and hard objects should be strictly prevented from falling into the reactor during the use of enamel reactor. In case of blockage, plastic rod must be used to dredge. During maintenance, the reactor cover should be covered to prevent small pits or porcelain explosion on porcelain surface caused by welding slag melting.


        Cause 2. Thermal stress damage: the glass lined reactor was roasted at 900 ° C, and the enamel was bonded with the steel plate after cooling. Because the coefficient of linear expansion and elongation of enamel are less than that of steel plate, the deformation of glass enamel after cooling is less than that of steel plate, and the enamel is restrained by steel plate to produce compressive stress. After the enamel kettle is made, the glass enamel has the pre compression stress, while the steel plate has the pre tensile stress. Because the pre-stress is related to the linear expansion coefficient and elongation, and the linear expansion coefficient and elongation are closely related to the temperature, the working temperature of the enamel kettle has a great influence on the use of the enamel kettle. If the stress produced by the enamel exceeds the service stress due to the large temperature change, the enamel will be destroyed. Therefore, when the enamel layer of the enamel kettle is cooled and heated rapidly, it is extremely explosive. Therefore, the enamel kettle has temperature resistance limit: temperature 200 ° C, temperature rapid change: cold shock < 1i0 ° C, thermal shock < 120 ° C. Too large temperature difference between material temperature and kettle body during feeding, excessive steam and rapid cooling can also lead to porcelain explosion. Therefore, enamel reactor in the use of the process to rise, cooling to slow, uniform, hierarchical cooling. Please contact the sales and technical personnel of HuaTeng North enamel equipment company for more precautions.


        Reason 3, electrostatic puncture: when the liquid with suspended solids is stirred in the glass enamel reactor, the suspension and the enamel have strong friction. At the same time, the suspended solids also produce friction, so a large amount of static charge is generated. The high static charge has a strong puncture effect on the enamel, resulting in enamel pitting corrosion and porcelain explosion. Therefore, the stirring speed should not be too fast.


        Cause 4. Hydrogen evolution corrosion: the jacket of glass lined reaction kettle will scale and rust after being used for a period of time. If acid scale remover is used to remove the dirt or the coolant in the jacket is slightly acidic, hydrogen evolution corrosion will occur to the metal. These hydrogen ions can not diffuse outward due to the compactness of the enamel, so when they accumulate to a certain extent and form power The enamel will break and burst. Therefore, the buffer must be added when acid pickling is used to clean and scale the enamel reactor, and the coolant in the jacket must be neutral.

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