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      1. Overview

        Due to the corrosive nature of the reaction process, Poly-aluminum chloride (PAC) - a water treatment chemical used as a coagulant in the treatment of potable water to reduce turbidity - is produced in glass-lined reactors. We provide technologies, solutions and services to the PAC industry for new plant installations, upgrades for improved uptime, reduced maintenance costs and improved product quality. We also provide complete PAC production facilities.

        Reactor PAC Technology

         We have a large installed customer group base for glass-lined reactors in the PAC industry. The benefits of our PAC technologies include:

        Corrosion Resistant Glass

         Our LAMPART enamel is the material of choice for the harsh HCl reaction environment.

        Abrasion Resistant Glass

        Our specially engineered abrasion resistant glasses are designed for the erosive nature of the alumina powder, helping to increase life cycle and reduce maintenance costs.

        High Pressure Jackets

        The design of our high pressure jackets allows for the use of high pressure steam for improved heat transfer and reduced batch cycle times.

        In-situ Process Analytical Instruments Our pH monitoring and control instrumentation ensure excellent batch quality control, whilst our continuous corrosion monitoring systems mean peace of mind and enable improved maintenance scheduling.

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