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      1. Overview

        For highly corrosive materials or end products that require ultra-pure environments, Our Process Systems reactors are the best choice to achieve process performance goals efficiently and economically.

        We can provide glass-lined reactors to meet a wide variety of chemical processes, volume requirements (from laboratory scale and pilot plant sizes up to very large production units), incorporating local design and international code requirements (ASME, GB150, JIS...)

        Thanks to the properties of our type 5437 and HTLP enamel , all of our reactors have excellent resistance to corrosion, smooth non-stick properties and non-catalytic inertness.

        They can be designed for high versatility in multiproduct applications, or specialized to optimize a specific processing requirement. Many standard sizes and designs are kept in stock for quick delivery.

        The volume of our glass-lined reactor  from 63 liters to 120,000 liters. Design data, general dimensions of the vessels and nozzle layout are standardized.

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