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      1. Overview

        The process for recovery of precious metals, used to extract metals from mining tailings, recovering expensive catalysts and metals from used electronics devices, is an extremely corrosive process. However, with extensive experience and the largest installed customer base in the industry for corrosion resistant technologies, you can trust us to provide the solution

        Precious Metal Recovery Technology

         The process of recovering precious metals involves dissolving the lower quality materials to recover the high value minerals. It’s an extremely hazardous process due to the very strong acids and heat required to dissolve the unwanted materials.


        HuaTengPrecious Metal Recovery Technology

        HuaTeng Precious Metal Technology

        We have extensive experience in the precious metals recovery process.

        Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant Glass

        Our Abrasion Resistant Glass called (ARG) is the material of choice to handle this extremely corrosive process.

        Low shear mixers

        Our mixer design minimizes the shear rates and erosion whilst maximizing the pumping rate. This improves the heat transfer to optimize acid contact for the highest dissolving rate and a shorter processing time.

        In-situ Process Analytical Instruments

        For peace of mind, our process control instrumentation provides in-situ monitoring and our Sentinal continuous corrosion monitoring systems ensure safe operation and make maintenance scheduling easier

        Tantalum heat exchangers

        Our Tantalum exchangers are ideal for condensing the strong acids as they are evaporated.

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