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      1. Glass lined tower

        Glass enamel distillation tower absorption tower and other equipment

        With the increasing of sulfur content in crude oil recently, glass lined distillation tower and glass lined absorption tower are often used in corrosive working environment in petrochemical industry.

        Glass lined distillation column is a kind of operation which uses the difference of boiling points in liquid mixture to separate and purify the mutually soluble liquid mixture. Glass lined absorption tower is the operation of separating gas mixture with liquid absorbent based on the difference of solubility of gas mixture in liquid. The tower is composed of tower body, tower top and tower bottom.

        Over the years, our company has accumulated rich experience in making glass lined tower. We can design and manufacture glass lined tower and tower internals according to different requirements of customers. Customers can choose glass lined tower with or without jacket. Glass lined filter plate, tetrafluoroethylene filter plate and glass fiber reinforced plastic filter plate can be selected according to the operation conditions.



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