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      1. Overview

        The heat sensitivity of nutraceuticals requires specially designed purification systems. Our Wiped Film Evaporator (Short Path Evaporation Technology) is ideal for the distillation of vitamin E tocopherols, sterols, vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids and other heat sensitive materials.

         Engineered Systems

        Our engineering resources include all engineering disciplines (civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical) enabling us to design turn-key systems.

        Our chemical process engineers have experience and expertise with all chemical unit operations, such as the evaporation, mixing, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and vacuum technologies required for nutraceutical distillation. Our engineers have considerable experience and expertise with the design of high vacuum systems (<10 micron or millitorr) that are required for distillation of sterols, tocopherols and fatty acids. Our project engineers use their experience, equipment and instruments to complete the detailed design of the system, whilst our designers use CAD to create an efficient plant layout.

         For a smooth, seamless project execution and delivery, our project managers oversee all stages, keeping them on time and in budget and to finish off the project, our process engineers will work with you to commission the system.

        Pilot Test Facility

        Distillation of nutraceuticals is a common application for us, so by testing your material, we can confirm design and propose a solution for your processing needs.

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