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      1. Disc heat exchanger

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        We can provide glass lined disc heat exchanger which heat exchange area for 1m2~20m2

        Graphite material is used as heat exchange component in glass lined disc heat exchanger, and stainless steel plate, this plate is used as heat exchange component in stainless steel plate frame heat exchanger.

        The glass lined disc heat exchanger is usually used to condense gas and produce condensate, which has a phase change process. Stainless steel plate and frame heat exchanger is generally used in the process without phase change. The practical application process of glass lined heat exchanger and stainless steel heat exchanger is: the two circles have cross relationship. The cross section can be replaced. Generally speaking, the working pressure of graphite heat exchanger is generally low, and the pressure of stainless steel heat exchanger can be higher under 1.0MPa. Graphite has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel in the process with mixed acid and various organic substances. Stainless steel is slightly better than graphite in some oxidation environments, but it is not resistant to Cl ions.

        The characteristics of glass lined condenser with round block hole: longitudinal / transverse, operating pressure of 0.4MPa, operating temperature of - 20 ~ 165 ℃, the volume of rectangular block heat exchanger is smaller than that of round block heat exchanger under the same heat exchange area.


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