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      1. Services

        1. Selection consultation

        Our company has decades of experience in design and selection of professional technical personnel and professional design institute to provide you with design, selection, installation guidance and other services. And our company's product line is complete, the product variety is rich, can provide the complete set service from the selection to the design.

        2. Quotation service

        Fast, accurate, support a variety of foreign trade terms

        3. Trade services

        Our company has rich experience in foreign trade, providing services including fast customs clearance, freight forwarding, export agency and so on.

        4. Installation / maintenance / operation / acceptance

        Our company's professional and technical personnel can provide installation / maintenance / / acceptance / operation guidance and other services on-site, as well as remote technical guidance or fault analysis support

        5. Spare parts

        Our company has a large reserve of spare parts with complete models and sufficient quantity. We can provide you with spare parts support quickly and accurately, and relieve your worries.

        6. Personnel training services

        Our technicians can come to China for training, and our technicians can also go to the site to provide you with training on installation, operation and operation.

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