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      1. Overview

        Huateng Beitang has a wide range of glass lined or PTFE lined pipes, valves, and connectors, all made of corrosion resistant materials. Whether it is standard parts or customized parts, our glass lined pipe series products comply with ASME, GB150, JIS standards, and use 5437 and HTLP series enamel to meet the requirements of chemical and pharmaceutical industry applications.


        Our glass lined or PTFE lined pipes, valves and connectors are widely used in different industries, can withstand various chemical corrosion, ensure the quality of finished products, and durable.


        Pressure: - 1 to 10 bar;

        Temperature: - 25 ° to + 260 ';

        Coating according to customer specifications;

        Nickel coating finish is available; 

        All products are grounded.

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