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      1. Overview

        Fertilizers and pesticides provide essential soil nutrients for agriculture and protecting crops from harmful diseases and insects. This often involves preparing or mixing raw materials to produce customized compounds with unique characteristics. Increasing farm sizes and sophistication in developing countries drives demand for newer and more specialized products and in this energy-intensive industry, efficient operations and large economies of scale in production are key factors.

        We have unparalleled knowledge and expertise in creating solutions to handle the aggressive chemistries often found in the agricultural chemicals industry.

        The Right Environment – Our products is the material of choice for these reaction chemistries.

        The Right Process – A variety of process mixing options are specifically engineered using Computational Fluid Dynamics to maximize production volume and quality.

         The Right Design – Our reactors are designed to provide the right level of heat transfer at the desired location with the greatest efficiency. 

        The Right Experience – No other manufacturer offers more industry knowledge and expertise.

        We use our technologies to produce the most advanced solutions in the industry.


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