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      1. Overview

        Due to the corrosive nature and the high clean-ability requirements of many API processes, our products extensively used within the Pharmaceutical industry.

        We have extensive experience in providing complete pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, solutions and services to the API Pharmaceutical industry. Some of the features and benefits of our API technologies include:

        The one-piece clean reactor design (BE or RS Designs) with our HT mixing system eliminates the need for a large central gasketed opening in the top head and includes ultra-clean features both internally and externally.

        In-situ Process Analytical Instruments

        We invented the industry’s only glass-lined pH monitoring and control instrumentation that helps to achieve excellent batch quality control and to reduce the hazards associated with manual sampling.

        Optimized Jacket Design

        Our jacket design provides the most efficient heat transfer to reduce cycle times, ensure product quality and batch-to-batch repeatability.

         Our TCU’s provide the reactor heating and cooling duty requirements and tight temperature control necessary for batch quality control, including cryogenic operation down to 90°C.

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